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Compass Accounting a growing professional bookkeeping firm located in Gauteng South Africa, providing multi-disciplinary bookkeeping, payroll and secretarial services. Our services are provided by professional bookkeepers with extensive experience working with a variety of clients. The goal of our professional staff is to provide each client with the most efficient, professional and cost-effective solutions possible needed for each unique situation

With more than 30 years of experience combined with our passion to deliver excellent service, we are able to assist our client in a professional and educated manner.

Despite the broad range of services, we excel in achieving professional, specialist, accurate and cost-effectiveness services. This ultimate goal fits all clients from the small to the large corporation because accounting and reporting universal objective.

What sets our services apart from others – we focus on the individual needs of the client.

We’re passionate about the well-being and development of our people because it’s their talents and personalities that makes us and continues to foster client relationships that thrive through mutual trust, respect and care.